Abel House

We are a distributed church. Following the Great I AM; attempting to be the best God has designed for us. Serving those not yet in the family, wherever they might be.


The Zoe Project

Most of us live in a shadow of what God really intends for us. We spend many of our days secretly thinking that if we work harder we’ll become satisfied but ultimately we just burn out. What might happen if you decided to move from out of that shadow into a life full and genuine with others? That is The Zoe Project.

The Crowded House Network

The Crowded House Network is a network of churches that gather in homes, coffee shops, bars, and bookstores across Central Florida.


Estuary Cultures

Where the river meets the sea is called an estuary. Estuary Cultures is a movement centered on the creative personality and ministry of Jesus Christ to help all people everywhere fulfill their ultimate creative calling and purpose in life.  

“The future church is cresting on the horizon. We are poised to be used by God to usher a new reformation like the one that happened 500 years ago. That reformation reclaimed a theological understanding that was lost. The Gospel of Grace was re-learned and accepted. 

Now, we need to reclaim not the theology, but the practice.”


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