A luther Bible, owned by one of the members of abel house

New Beginnings. 

The goal of this website, and the people behind it, is to glorify the risen Jesus; and to do that, we can't help but be a part of a "new" expression of His church. New, in a current perspective on American Christianity, old when viewed in a biblical context. It is a return Jesus and devotion to him.

This isn't a let's do something different, because we want to be different. This a God-calling, life-changing expression of His Church. It is our belief that our faith is to be lived out in a 24/7 way, it is a rebirth of Christianity, not an attribute a person has, rather, indicative of being born again. We can't help but see life new as a believers of Jesus. He informs us of everything and how to exist in the in the world. Our faith is not confined to a Sunday service.

The Concrete

If you study the life of Paul, you will find certain patterns of his ministry. Evangelizing, establishing and entrusting. It is that simple. In this early stage of the local church, we are a network of friendships and home churches. 

Our concrete goal: to have within us a better love and appreciation for God and each other through living as a New Testament network of churches. That looks like:

  • Having a great love for Jesus.
  • Knowing that church isn't a building or based in attendance, rather it is stance of belonging in community and being.
  • That true life conversion happens through open, authentic relationships that confess openly and live together in a way that is vulernable. 

We would love to hear from you if you have any questions or comments. Just go to the Contact page above or click here.