Our First Unconference

Not exactly sure what an unconference is? Think of this; at large tech conferences around the world, attendees would notice something—something special. Many times, the conversations they had with their peers in the hallways and restaurants were more informative, inspirational and left a bigger impression than the keynote speakers of the conference! Once that was recognized, it did not take long for people to begin assembling in informal, open spaces to learn from each other. Read more about the history of unconferences (sometimes called BarCamps) here.

This is our first unconference, and because of that, some of us have already had a brainstorming session on what some of the discussions will be. Depending on how many people we have attending will also dictate how many session slots we have. Not everyone will guide a session. However, at a minimum we will have eight, 30 minutes sessions. There is a good chance that you know what topic you will be leading us through as we likely already talked to you about it. If you haven’t heard anything, you might soon. There will also be times for prayer and worship through music throughout the day.  

Information and Expectations

  • Right now, the date is set to be sometime in the fall of 2017; likely a 9-hour event on a Saturday in October. An email will be sent out with more details as we get closer. 
  • There might be a cost for admission. We want you to walk away from this experience with tangible information and a lasting impression of purpose. To do that, we will need to supplement the some of the cost with tickets sales. Right now, I don’t see it being more than 20 dollars. I will send out a cost breakdown when the details become more solid.
  • We are currently discussing options that include children. We can’t make any promises now, but know that as event planners, we are discussing it.
  • Our expectation is to have your participation in some respect; and while it might not be guiding a session this time, we need to learn from each other. There is a biblical mandate for this, 1 Cor 14:26. We need your gifts to see God more clearly. 
  • We will be printing a notebook (probably sized 5”x7”, stapled) that will have space to for notes, a network directory and it will also include articles written by those in the network. Do you want something you have penned in the notebook? You can submit them for evaluation here: https://airtable.com/shrkPtbg7akAuInMZ Please understand we won’t be able to print them all. 
  • This is an unconference for distributed church and network leaders led by distributed church and network leaders. While we welcome anyone, the audience is for people that are actively engaged in these types of settings. Don’t know what a distributed/organic/home church is? Read more about them here:  


The nature of this unconference is to join together our close friendships with new acquaintances that are already in place with a deeper affection and love of Christ and each other. This is not intended as an event to attend, rather a family reunion. Want to sign up for email updates moving forward? You can do that here: https://cfl.church/unconference. If you have any questions or concerns, discuss them here: http://network.distributedchurch.com/d/26-central-florida-and-distributed-church-unconference